Southwest 1.JPG
Living Room South
Master Bedroom
Farmhouse Prepared to Move
Back of Farmhouse Prepared to Move
Farmhouse on Truck Ready to Move
View Towards Northwest
Beautiful day.JPG
front 2.JPG
South Wall Basement Excavation
Laying Out Footings
Setting Up Insulated Concrete Forms
Foundation Under Construction
Foundation Under Construction
Foundation Under Construction
House Positioned on Foundation and Construction of Addition
Backfilling Around Window Wells
View From Second Floor of Addition
Window Well Installation
Installing Rafters for the Addition
Rafter Installation
New Rafters on North Side
Framing the Roof
Sheathing and Framing the Addition
Interior View of Framing
South East Exterior View
South West Exterior View
South East Exterior View
Roof Membrane Installed
Northwest View With Steel Roof
South View with Steel Roof
East View with Steel Roof
View from new driveway.jpg
Floor Trusses Installed
Giving New Life to the Existing Frame
Interior Framing
View Through the Addition Windows
Reviving an Old Frame
Interior View of Rafters on Second Floor
Collar Ties Installed
Framing the Basement Hatch
Beginning to Clad the Exterior
Eastern White Cedar Cladding
Cladding the East Facade
View of Cladding from the North West
View of Cladding from the West
View of Cladding from the North
View of Cladding from the South East
North Trim Detail
Finishing the Cladding on the East Facade
Clean Detailing at Soffit
Window Trim on North Facade
West 2.JPG
West pano.JPG
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